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WAC Heads to SF as Pacific NW Leaders

  • 15 Jul 2019

The Washington Athletic Club (WAC) won both Pacific Northwest 7s qualifiers and will take the top seed out of the Geographic Union (GU) to the Pacific North Club 7s Championship on July 27 in San Francisco. There, the Seattle-based team will compete against NorCal and fellow GU teams for berths to the national championship on Aug. 10-11 in Kansas City, Mo.

Last weekend’s Roy Lucas 7s marked WAC’s fourth tournament of the season – fewer than years past, as WAC captain Megan Sanders explained. Nevertheless, the USA 7s Eagle feels good about the team’s performance and potential for a competitive run this year.

“This is one of the most athletic teams we have put together in the years I’ve been playing for Seattle women’s teams,” Sanders enthused. “We feel very good about gaining a seed for this year’s club nationals.”

Veteran returners form the core of the WAC squad: Sanders, Carly MacKinnon, Lauren Barber, Jennine Duncan, Erica Legaspi, Anne Peterson, Emily Colesworthy and

Christa Banks. USA 15s wing Duncan is returning from San Diego now that the Women’s Super Series has concluded.

“We have incredible talent joining our team for the first time and we are very excited to see what they can do this season,” Sanders added.

The captain pointed to Stefani Bergerhouse, Jenny Johnson, Sammy Hayden and Darby McFall as influential additions, and they’ve done well to integrate into the high-performing program. Sanders is particularly excited to see what this team can do with the added expertise of Pate Tuilevuka at the helm.

“We have a solid coach this year, Pate, and hopefully for many years to come,” Sanders lauded the former Eagle. “He brings a unique game plan that, as women, we have not been presented with much before. It allows us as players to take ownership of our game flow. Instead of scripting every move we make, he allows us to find connections and work together within just a general structure. This structure and style allows players to step up and get creative. As a team, our WAC culture puts a huge emphasis on having fun and enjoying each and every experience.”

WAC has been getting the best push from Oregon Rugby Sports Union (ORSU), which played the Seattle side to a two-point title decision in the first Pacific Northwest qualifier. Between WAC, ORSU and NorCal’s Life West and Berkeley, there are four quality programs that could easily feature at nationals, but the CR will receive three seeds to Kansas City. TRB will be on site for the Pacific North Club 7s Championship on July 27.

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