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18-19 USA Rugby Academic Honor Roll

  • 16 Jul 2019

Fresno State’s Laura Ellison-Seeger / TRB Photo

As is tradition, USA Rugby is happy to announce and recognize 200 student athletes in collegiate rugby who have earned their place on the 2018/19 USA Rugby Academic Honor Roll. With 54 schools represented, these exemplary individuals display the most important quality of a student athlete as they value the balance of athletics and academics.

The 200 names below met the following qualifications for recognition:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Competed on their school or university’s top side
  • Started or played as a reserve on more than half their team’s scheduled matches
  • Name and qualifications were submitted to USA Rugby during the nominations period by team coach, commissioner or athletic director.

For those institutions looking to recognize their qualified student-athletes during the 2019/20 season, remember to submit nominations to USA Rugby following the fall and spring competition windows. Communications will be sent to listed team contacts during each timeframe. For additional inquiries, please reach out to USA Rugby Sr. Scholastic Manager, Johnathan Atkeison;


Babson College — Chiara de Brabant, Finance

Babson College — Kate Tank, Economics

Bentley University — Arman Belorian, Computer Information Systems

Bentley University — Matt King, Finance

Bentley University — Ryan Taylor, Corporate Finance

Brigham Young University — Gabrielle Peterson, Psychology

Brigham Young University — Marin Spears, Biophysics

Brigham Young University — Larissa Graham, Nursing

Brigham Young University — Rachel Strasdas, Public Health

Brigham Young University — Tayzlie Tripple, Economics

Brigham Young University — Lora Gubler, Spanish Teaching

Brigham Young University — Baylie Duce, Communications & Public Relations

Bryant University — Nyatasha Jackowicz, Marketing

Bryant University — Margaret Mellitt, International Business & Accounting

Bryant University — Jennifer Rosinski, Accounting

California State University, Chico — Anton Holm, Political Science

California State University, Fresno — Megan Oleski, Criminology

California State University, Fresno — Laura Ellison-Seeger, Criminology

Christendom College — Jacob Cassidy, Philosophy

Christendom College — Michael LaRochelle, Philosophy

Colorado College — Bridget Galaty, Mathematical Economics

Colorado College — Susanna Penfield, Political Science

Colorado College — Mia Solberg, Economics

Colorado College — Kristen Kinchla, Organismal Biology & Ecology

Colorado College — Zachary Armacost, Geology

Colorado College — Cian McGillicuddy, Organismal Biology & Ecology

Colorado College — Sam Mayer, Economics

Colorado College — Ethan Widoff, Economics

Eastern Connecticut State University — Jacob Reed, Political Science & History

Eastern Connecticut State University — Eric Minicucci, Business Administration

Eastern Connecticut State University — Dominic Livoti, Environmental Earth Science

Eckerd College — Sofia McNally, Marine Science

Eckerd College — Emerson Allen, Human Development

Eckerd College — Emily Yanuskiewicz, Environmental Studies & Economics

Eckerd College — Katherine Scheerer, Environmental Studies, Communication

Eckerd College — Debanhi Jimenez Reyes, Marine Science & Mathematics

Eckerd College — Linnea Goodwin, Women & Gender Studies

Fairfield University — Patrick Kerins, Finance

Fairfield University — Luke Melcher, Accounting

Fairfield University — Alexandra Maltbie, Bioengineering

Fairfield University — Abigail Dovan, International Business Management

Fairfield University — Michael Sweetman, Finance, Management

Fairfield University — Andrew Pearl, Finance

Fairfield University — Kaitlyn Foley, Communication

Fairfield University — Julia D’Innocenzo, Mathematics

Fairfield University — Meghan Bruni, Mathematics

Fairfield University — Jenamarie Carella, Marketing

Fairfield University — Emma Stringer, Nursing

Fairfield University — Kayla Yaverski, Psychology

Fairfield University — Kate Welzel, Sociology & Anthropology

Fairfield University — Emily Pepe, Nursing

Fairfield University — Natalie Gammer, Psychology

Fairfield University — Julie Moser, Communications & English

Fairfield University — Sigmund Gusdorf, English &Philosophy

Fairfield University — Salvatore Esposito, Accounting

Florida State University — Dakota Haberland, Sports Management

Florida State University — Yejun Lim, Accounting

Florida State University — Diego Veras, Management Information Systems

Florida State University — Gregory Zhoba, Cell and Molecular Neuroscience

Fresno State — Madison Forester, Psychology

Fresno State — Regan Garner, Pre-Business

Furman University — Aidan Clarke, History

Furman University — Thomas Trankle, Physics & Applied Math

Georgetown University — William Lowrie, Finance & Accounting

Georgetown University — William Shanahan, Finance

Georgetown University — Asher Curnutte, American Studies

Georgetown University — Luke Sheridan, Arabic

Georgetown University — William Lowrie, Finance, Accounting

Indiana University — Camden McCarthy, Nursing

Indiana University – Bloomington — Daniel Devlin, Public Policy & Entrepreneurship

Kutztown University — Gerald Lowe, Finance & Personal Financial Planning

Lindenwood University — Teresa Bueso, Business Administration

Lindenwood University — Casey Karl, Psychology

Lindenwood University — Alex Strasser, Criminal Justice

Lindenwood University — Kanani Uluave, Exercise Science

Lindenwood University — McKenzie Hawkins, Chemistry

Lindenwood University — Marisa Hall, Criminal Justice

Lindenwood University — Margaret Gold, Biological Sciences

Lindenwood University — Stephen Mcleish, Computer Science

Lindenwood University — Michael De Waal, Actuarial Science

Lindenwood University — Gabriel Kettering, Chemistry

Loyola University Maryland — Kyle Higgins, Finance

Marist College — Shaelynn Kelly, Psychology

Marist College — Arianna Blanchard, Biomedical Science

Maryland Exiles Youth Rugby — Morgan White, Environmental Science

Marywood University — Mikaela Smith, Health & Physical Education

Marywood University — Devon Clarke, Architecture

Merrimack College — Kylah Keefe, Human Development & Human Services

Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Valerie Sacha, Materials Science & Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Abigail McGee, Biological Engineering

Montana State University — Maria Michelotti, Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Montclair State University — Alyssa DeSordi, Justice Studies

North Carolina State University — Claire Steffen, Mathematics

North Carolina State University — Zoe Kaegi, Bioprocessing Science

North Carolina State University — Guste Rubikaite, Electrical Engineering

North Carolina State University — Magdaline Cummings, Animal Science

North Carolina State University — Lindsey Baron, Business Administration

North Carolina State University — caitlin groetsch, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management

Oregon State University — Sophia Betts, Philosophy

Pitzer College (Claremont Colleges) — Dana Alimena, Organizational Studies

Princeton University — Gregory McCord, Computer Science

Princeton University — Hugues Martin Dit Neuville, Operations Research

Princeton University — Jamie Denham, Economics

Princeton University — Aaron Bargotta, Computer Science

Princeton University — Alexander Rogers, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Queens University of Charlotte — Gabriella La Lumia, Music

Queens University of Charlotte — Abigail Cendejas, Marketing

Queens University of Charlotte — Kelsey Lambert, Music Therapy

Queens University of Charlotte — Abigail Cendejas, Marketing

Queens University of Charlotte — Bridget Mielke, Sustainability Sciences

Quinnipiac University — Greg Plunkett, Biology

Quinnipiac University — James Chow, Health Science & Physical Therapy

Quinnipiac University — Michael Maturo, Master of Business Administration

Saint Mary’s College of California — Hannah Twomey, Psychology

Saint Mary’s College of California — Katherine Whiting, Biology

Saint Mary’s College of California — Ashley Torrecillas, Integral

Saint Michaels College — Brianna Puleo, Neuroscience

Saint Michaels College — Julia Bedini, Biology

Saint Michaels College — Maria Loughran, English & Educational Studies

Saint Michaels College — Ashley Parker, Chemistry

Saint Michaels College — Rachel Tierney, Business Major

Saint Michaels College — Marissa Moore, Biology

Saint Michaels College — Lindsay St. Pierre, Environmental Studies

Saint Michaels College — Lindsay St. Pierre, Environmental Studies

Saint Michaels College — Katelyn Stemrich, Psychology

Salve Regina University — Erin Gunther, Special Education

Salve Regina University — Aleksandra Dewa, Financial Management

Salve Regina University — Cassidy Chapman, Accounting

Salve Regina University — Sarah Lambert, Early Childhood Education

Scripps College — Michelle Ramirez, Chicanx-Latinx Studies

Scripps College — Sophie Baker, Environment, Economics, & Politics

Siena College — Sonam Sherpa, Applied Data Science

Siena College — Stephanie Fattorusso, Psychology

Siena College — Maria Brown, Accounting

Siena College — Juliana Valentino, Marketing

Southeastern Louisiana University — Devin Jenkins, Business

Southeastern Louisiana University — Hewson Knight, Nursing

Southern Connecticut State University — Anthony Raccio, Exercise Science

Southern Connecticut State University — Jay Donlan, Business

Southern Connecticut State University — Palmer Piana, Communications

Springfield College — Stephen Backman, Emergency Medical Services Management

St. Bonaventure University — Colin Sustersic, Business

St. Bonaventure University — Christopher Bortuzzo, Business

St. Bonaventure University — Ryan McGovern, Sports Studies

St. Bonaventure University — Emily Sion, Political Science

St. Bonaventure University — Rachel Pelsang, Bioinformatics & Mathematics

St. Bonaventure University — Diana DeVito, Psychology

St. Bonaventure University — Morgan Hoffman, Strategic Communication

St. Bonaventure University — Rachel Newton, Environmental Studies

St. Bonaventure University — Carlie Jacque, Elementary Education & Childhood Literacy

St. Bonaventure university — Christian Artuso, Accounting

St. Bonaventure university — Evan Titus, Marketing

Stanford University — Cale Williams, History

Stanford University — Jett Hayward, International Relations

Stanford University — Anna Park, Philosophy

Stanford University — Kennedy Kidd, Science, Technology, & Society

Stanford University — Christian Bader, Management Science & Engineering

Stanford University — Ryan Crowley, Mathematical and Computational Science

The University of Oklahoma — Cooper Coil, Electrical Engineering

Tiffin University — Samantha Pryor, Business Management

Tiffin University — Paige Lea, Business Management

Tiffin University — Hailey Moore, Business Management

Tiffin University — Tesla Korodi, Business Management

Tiffin University — Maddie Olsen, Business Management

Tiffin University — Maddie Berry, Business Management

Tiffin University — Brittany Rodello, Business Management

Tiffin University — Brian Miller, Business Management

Tiffin University — Taylor Emerick, Business Management

Tiffin University — Cadin Emshoff, Law Enforcement

UC Santa Cruz — Phoenix Gallagher, Applied Physics

University at Buffalo — Matthew Conforti, Business

University of Findlay — Kaylin Sabo, Early Childhood Education

University of Maine — Emma Bragdon, Biochemistry

University of Maine — Siobhan Densmore, Kinesiology-Exercise Science

University of Maine — Abigail Howe, Nursing and Honors

Virginia Polytechnic and State University — Amelia Griese, Mechanical Engineering

Wayne State College — Adrianna Fleecs, Human Service Counseling

Wayne State College — Michaela Derickson, Business Finance & Marketing

Wayne State College — Alexandria Gorden, Psychology and Criminal Justice

Wayne State College — Brook Hoesing, Life Sciences – Respiratory Therapy

Wesleyan University — Audrey Lam, Archaeology, Italian Language & Literature

Wesleyan University — Ivy Lagerberg, Science in Society

Wesleyan University — Leah Murphy, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Wesleyan University — Terra Ganey, Astronomy, Physics, Earth Sciences

Wesleyan University — Casimir Fulleylove-Golob, College of Social Studies and Italian

Westfield State University — Joshua Carter, Criminal Justice

Winona State University — Gabriella Calametti, Nursing

Winona State University — Summer Downs, Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Winona State University — Annika Culver, Health and Physical Education

Winona State University — Emily Becker, I Design and Marketing

Winona State University — Liana Shallock, Elementary Education-Early Childhood

Winona State University — Makayla Leraas, Elementary & Special Education

Yale University — Diego Sialer, Psychology & Molecular Biology

Yale University — Kohl Weisman, East Asian Languages and Literatures

Yale University — Mateo Beccar Varela, Economics

Yale University — Phillip Vorster, Cognitive Science

Yale University — Daniel Marsh, Computer Science

Yale University — Alexander O’Neill, History

Yale University — Lucas Holter, Economics

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