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Club 7s Seeds Already Awarded

  • 17 Jul 2019

The Competitive Region (CRs) will begin holding their respective club 7s championships this weekend, and ideally, the 16-team field for the national championship will be known by July 28. With that said, at least five teams have already spots to the Aug. 10-11 tournament in Kansas City, Mo.


Atlantic North: 2

Frontier: 1

Mid-Atlantic: 3

Midwest: 1

Pacific North: 3

Pacific South: 2

Red River: 2

South: 2

The SOUTH receives two seeds but only the Atlanta Harlequins and Phoenix are looking to qualify for 7s nationals. So both advance and this weekend’s CR championship will award seeding to Kansas City. The event was originally supposed to be held in Raleigh, but no men’s or women’s teams from the Carolinas were looking toward nationals, so Savannah, Ga., will host this weekend.


This Saturday’s Saratoga 7s will determine this CR’s two reps to nationals, and those seeds will be decided between four teams. New York heads into the CR championship as the top seed, having won both qualifiers – Newport and Boston Union Point – while Boston has finished runner-up twice. Roots and Beantown have have swapped 3rd and 4th place finishes and head into the weekend tied on standings points.


This Saturday, the second of two regional qualifiers will take place at the Show-Me State Games in Columbia, Mo., and the results will determine the berth to nationals. Rocky Mountain Magic from Colorado won the first qualifier in June, and Kansas City Jazz is the other squad looking toward to compete in the mid-August championship at home. But the Jazz would need to win Saturday’s event and overcome Magic’s point differential in the standings to land the seed.


The third and final qualifier occurs this Saturday in NOVA, and the overall standings will determine the CR’s three reps to nationals. Scion has already clinched a spot, having banked the maximum standings points in the first two rounds. The D.C. Furies, NOVA and Philadelphia are separated by two points apiece, so it’s everything to play for on Saturday.


The Midwest has, easily, the most teams committed to a qualifier series but based on last year’s finish at nationals, the CR only gets one seed to Kansas City. It’s a little bit of a head scratcher; however, if there’s need for a last-minute replacement, the Midwest could easily send a second, good team to Missouri. • Chicago North Shore won the first two qualifiers, and then the Chicago Lions beat Legacy in the final of last weekend’s third series tournament. The standings seed this weekend’s CR championship in Cincinnati, Ohio.


We’re light on details in SoCal but this Saturday’s Sunsplash 7s will determine the CR’s two reps. San Diego is the reigning national champion and it’s the favorite to take the number-one seed overall to Kansas City. Santa Barbara Academy gets stronger every year it’s in existence and could also easily feature at nationals. • Last weekend’s Santa Barbara 7s was a SoCal national qualifier, but NorCal’s Life West won it.


There’s one more NorCal qualifier this weekend in San Jose, and then the CR championship on July 27 will pit the top-three NorCal leaders against the top-three Pacific Northwest leaders, like Washington Athletic and ORSU, for the three seeds to nationals. Life West, Berkeley and San Francisco Golden Gate are first, second and third at present in NorCal.


ARPTC Blue and White, and Houston Athletic are vying for two seeds, and the National Development Academy’s two sides have swapped 1st and 2nd positions in the first two qualifiers. They’re tied in the standings (which determine this CR’s nationals’ reps) and thus are statistically guaranteed the CR’s two seeds – even if HARC wins the July 27 qualifier. See here.

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