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2019 Watch List

  • 08 Jan 2019

College coaches will have to choose between the two NITs this year. / Photo: Jackie Finlan

It’s “business as usual” for the spring 2019 season, in that there are plenty of changes worth documenting and gaps in information.

USA 15s

Rob Cain mentioned double-digit tests for the 15s Eagles in advance of the next World Cup, and we’re eagerly awaiting for those fixtures. Also curious if the new head coach will have ideas on how to best occupy those WPL Eagle pool players who do not play in the spring.

USA 7s

There’s still a massive time gap between Sydney and Kitakyushu, so we’re curious how the Eagles will fill the time. Last year, the team hosted other national teams at Chula Vista, sent the Falcons abroad, and played the Aussie Pearls in Vegas during the 2.5-month gap, but that was during a RWC year.


The big change this spring is the absence of DI Elite programs from the DI Spring Round of 16/8 playoffs. The DI Elites will have their own final four championship, and the DI Spring (which has gained BYU) will have to fill three more slots in the post-season.

As an aside, it’s curious how difficult it is to find information on spring-based competitions, compared to the fall. There are certainly exceptions (Florida) but large leagues like Mason-Dixon, SIRC and Pacific Mountain have outdated sites, and Carolinas, Mid-America and Pacific Desert have nothing public facing. It’s mind boggling!


The big change here is the separation of the single-school and club NITs. They occur the same weekend – May 17-19 – but different locations. Clubs announced their location (Salt Lake City) and single-school is TBD.


Life West doesn’t seem to be participating in DI now that it’s WPL bound, which is a good thing. Curious to see who takes that western spot to nationals. The eastern portion of DI needs to sort out it seeding now that three CRs have combined to form the East.

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