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Club 7s: Who’s Left?

  • 23 Jul 2019

The Pacific North is the final Competitive Region to name its representatives to the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championship. Teams from Northern California and Pacific Northwest geographic unions (GUs) will meet at San Francisco’s Treasure Island on Saturday, July 27 and determine which three sides will head to Kansas City, Mo., two weeks later.

Host NorCal is supplying Life West, Berkeley and San Francisco Golden Gate to the championship, and Pacific Northwest is sending Washington Athletic Club and ORSU to the Bay Area. All five teams will play each other and then standings will determine the final and third-place match-ups.


Times in Pacific

(Bolded matches are women’s games)

900 Life West vs ORSU

920 SFGG vs All Blues

0940 Westside Ronins vs Olympic Club

1000 Life West Blue vs Sacramento Capitals

1020 ORSU vs WAC

1040 Life West vs SFGG

1100 Olympic Club vs Life West White

1120 WAC vs Sacramento Capitals

1140 ORSU vs All Blues

1200 WAC vs Life West

1220 Life West White vs West Side Ronins

1240 WAC vs Life West Blue

– 20-min break –

1320 WAC vs All Blues

1340 SFGG vs ORSU

1400 Pool A3 vs Pool B3

1420 Pool B1 vs Pool A2

1440 Pool A1 vs Pool B2

1500 Life West vs All Blue

1520 SFGG vs WAC

– 20-min break –

1600 Men: 3rd Place

1620 Men: Championship

1640 Women: 3rd Place

1700 Women: Championship

Teams that have qualified for nationals so far:

APRTC 1 – Red River 1

APRTC 2 – Red River 2

Atlanta – South 1

Boston – Atlantic North 2

Chicago Lions – Midwest 1

D.C. Furies – Mid-Atlantic 3

New York – Atlantic North 1

NOVA – Mid-Atlantic 2

Phoenix – South 2

Rocky Mountain Magic – Frontier 1

San Diego – Pacific South 1

Santa Barbara Academy – Pacific South 2

Scion – Mid-Atlantic 1


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