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EIRA Names U16, U18 Rosters for Munster Matches

  • 22 Jul 2022
EIRA rugby
[EIRA Facebook graphic] Eagle Impact Rugby Academy (EIRA) has named its girls’ U16 and U18 rosters for today’s 15s games against Munster. The USA Rugby National Development Program is currently on tour in Ireland – the first international tour for the girls’ program – and the Munster games mark the first of three sets against Irish provincial teams.

Games occur at the Univ. Limerick, and the EIRA U16 boys are also playing Munster at the same site. The EIRA U17 boys are in Belfast playing Ulster. There’s been no word on a live-stream.

Charlotte Cardinals’ Lennox London, who will attend Harvard University in the fall, captains the EIRA U18 team from flanker. Hooker Sahryse Fong captains the U16 team and is one of three Fallbrook Warriors in Ireland. The teams with the largest presence in Ireland? Michigan state champion Sparta-Rock leads with six players, followed by Hawaii’s Pasefika, Maryland state champion West Carroll and Connecticut runner-up Aspetuck with four players apiece.

Subsequent matches occur July 26 against Leinster and July 29 against Ulster.

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July 22 @ Univ. Limerick

Position. Player (Current team / future team if applicable)
1. Amelia Eastland (Eagle HS, Idaho / Univ. Utah)
2. Erica Kissinger (Celina, Texas & MacDowell Academy)
3. Allie Provance (Brunswick, Mich. / Davenport Univ.)
4. Cate Coetzee (Vienna, Va.)
5. Charlotte Dauser (Sparta-Rock, Mich.)
6. Caroline Cook (Charlotte Cardinals, N.C.)
7. Lennox London (Charlotte Cardinals, N.C. / Harvard) capt.
8. AJ Haughey (Fallbrook, Calif.)
9. Marley Gurmendi (Monarch, Colo.)
10. Leilani Lepe (Empire, Calif.)
11. Celia Watson (Carmel, Ind.)
12. Kate Muldoon (Monarch, Colo. / Brown Univ.)
13. Audrey Fryda (Catholic Memorial, Wis.)
14. Liberty Cawthorn (Roosevelt HS, Iowa / Aquinas College)
15. Avery Laird (Aspetuck, Conn.)

16. Avonlea Wood (Aspetuck, Conn. / Sacred Heart Univ.)
17. Ashley Torres-Brown (Greenwich HS, Conn. / Quinnipiac Univ.)
18. Isabella Gullatta (Brunswick, Ohio)
19. Caliann Dietz (West Carroll, Md. / Mount St. Mary’s Univ.)
20. Reaghan King (Doylestown, Pa.)
21. Lex Catalano (Ospreys, N.H.)
22. Abigail Zurek (Sparta-Rock, Mich.)
23. Emma Schaeffer (Southeast Polk, Iowa)
24. Ashley Cowdrey (Sparta-Rock, Mich. / Davenport Univ.)
25. Andrea Hamilton (Aspetuck, Conn. / Oregon State Univ.)

July 22 @ Univ. Limerick

Position. Player (Current Team)
1. Halateka Williams (Pleasanton, Calif.)
2. Sahryse Fong (Fallbrook, Calif.), capt.
3. Rachel Kissinger (Celina, Texas)
4. Annabelle Dauser (Sparta-Rock, Mich.)
5. Katija Crawford (Pasefika, Hawaii)
6. Carolyn Melody (West Carroll, Md.)
7. Jennie Weiner (Aspetuck, Conn.)
8. Zariyah Danielson (Pasefika, Hawaii)
9. Abygail Lambert (Ospreys, N.H.)
10. Osooso Sulunga (Pasefika, Hawaii)
11. Carolina Martinez (Green Bay, Wis.)
12. DaviAnn Pula (Pasefika, Hawaii)
13. Rebecca Balladares (West Carroll, Md.)
14. Kiernan Myles (West Carroll, Md.)
15. Cora Haughey (Fallbrook, Calif.)

16. Ali Pappas (Rebels, Ga.)
17. Alyssa Post (Sparta-Rock, Mich.)
18. Mallory Weronko (Sparta-Rock, Mich.)
19. Carys Phillips (West Houston RC, Texas)
20. Annie Henrich (Orchard Park, N.Y.)
21. Cece Stowers (Madtown Furies, Wis.)
22. Zaria Watson (St. Louis, Mo.)

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