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FINAL: DII College Spring Ranking

  • 06 May 2019

We took a long break from rankings, as a myriad of obstacles (consecutive spring breaks, poor weather, cancellations, etc.) negated the need for weekly updates. But now that the USA DII College Spring Championship has concluded, a final ranking is due.

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The spring regional playoffs began with 12 (instead of 16) teams, so that was the starting point in terms of rankings size. Teams that did not accept their berths to regionals (John Brown, Georgia Tech, College of Charleston) were not considered, as performance at this stage of competition is unique and lends perspective to the relative strength of conferences across the country.

Teams that went 0-2 at regionals (George Washington, Long Beach State) were also omitted, as was Mid-America’s Kansas State, which dropped a 63-point contest to Tulane in a one-off quarterfinal.

The top-four teams take the top four spots. That championship weekend is an entirely different experience from everything before it, and those four teams deserved to be in Matthews, N.C.

When ordering teams from across the country, we looked at results but also the evolution of the game – how long did opponents stay within striking distance of each other score wise. UN Reno is the only team that did not compete at regionals due to seeds but certainly had the talent for it.

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