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Help the USA Women’s National Team to the Rugby World Cup

  • 22 Aug 2022
Project Rugby Love LFG t-shirt

The USA Rugby Women’s National Team (WNT) has been non-stop fundraising for the Rugby World Cup 2021, which is being contested in October-November 2022 due to the pandemic. That XV Foundation drives those resource-building efforts and financially aids players not only in their trip to New Zealand but also in the many camps and tours that build to those hallmark events. After pre-season camp ends, players will be selected for the Scotland (Aug. 27) and England (Sept. 3) tests, the Eagles’ final international tests before the World Cup.

There are several ways to financially contribute to the USA WNT, and the XV Foundation is currently promoting two modes: Adopt-an-Eagle and t-shirt fundraiser. For the former, donors can contribute airline miles or funds for a specific individual who is currently in pre-season camp and funding the weeks-long assembly themselves. All 36 players are listed.

The t-shirt fundraiser occurs in partnership with Project Rugby Love, which has created a supporter t-shirt with all proceeds going to the World Cup-bound players themselves. The t-shirts are $20 and shipping is $5. The sales are being matched as well. Orders are being accepted until Sept. 4, 2022, and then t-shirts will be printed and shipped.

All of these fundraising efforts are necessary because, according to the XV Foundation website, the WNT is the only USA Rugby team without a secondary funding source. The gap between between amateur and professionalizing rugby nations is widening, and the USA needs to do a lot of work off the ball to stay competitive.

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