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USA Kicks Off Rugby World Cup Camp

  • 06 Aug 2022
USA rugby

On Aug. 1, the USA Rugby Women’s National Team kicked off its Rugby World Cup (RWC) pre-season camp at Life University in Marietta, Ga. At the conclusion of residency, selections will be made for two warm-up tests in the United Kingdom. The USA delegation will then report to New Zealand for the RWC, which occurs Oct. 8-Nov. 12.

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There are currently 36 players in Marietta, Ga., and the majority featured in the June Pacific Four series in New Zealand. Some players, who had other playing commitments at the time, are now back on the training pitch with their fellow Eagles.

The camp will then feed into an Aug. 27 test against Scotland at DAM Health Stadium in Edinburgh, followed by a Sept. 3 match against England at Exeter’s Sandy Park. When the Eagles report to New Zealand, they’ll compete in Pool B and face against Italy (Oct. 8), Japan (Oct. 15) and Canada (Oct. 22).

Evi Ashenbrucker – San Diego Surfers WPL
Catie Benson – Sale Sharks, Eng.
Meya Bizer – Beantown WPL
Elizabeth Cairns – Life West Gladiatrix
Gabby Cantorna – Exeter Chiefs, Eng.
Charlotte Clapp – Saracens, Eng.
Jennine Detiveaux – Exeter Chiefs, Eng.
Rachel Ehrecke – Colorado Gray Wolves WPL
Tess Feury – New York WPL
Megan Foster – Exeter Chiefs, Eng.
Saher Hamdan – Life Univ.
Eti Haungatau – Lindenwood Univ.
McKenzie Hawkins – Life West Gladiatrix WPL
Jett Hayward – Life West Gladiatrix WPL
Katana Howard – Sale Sharks, Eng.
Charli Jacoby – Loughborough Lightning, Eng.
Nick James – Sale Sharks, Eng.
Erica Jarrell – Beantown WPL
Kathryn Johnson – Twin Cities Amazons
Rachel Johnson – Exeter Chiefs, Eng.
Bridget Kahele – Beantown WPL
Alev Kelter – Saracens, Eng.
Joanna Kitlinski – Sale Sharks, Eng.
Jenny Kronish – Harlequins, Eng.
Maya Learned – Gloucester-Hartpury, Eng.
Bulou Mataitoga – Loughborough Lightning, Eng.
Jordan Matyas – USA 7s
Olivia Ortiz – Colorado Gray Wolves WPL
Georgie Perris-Redding – Sale Sharks, Eng.
Hope Rogers – Exeter Chiefs, Eng.
Kristine Sommer – Gloucester-Hartpury, Eng.
Hallie Taufoou – Loughborough Lightning, Eng.
Kathryn Treder – Beantown WPL
Alycia Washington – Worcester Warriors, Eng.
Carly Waters – Saracens, Eng.
Kate Zackary – Exeter Chiefs, Eng.

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