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Midwest Holds Eastern U23 All-Star 15s Championship in Ohio

  • 21 Apr 2022
Notre Dame College rugby

The Midwest is holding the second half of its U23 all-star series, as four women’s rugby teams from the eastern portion of the region meet in Fairfield, Ohio, this weekend. The western quartet played its 15s all-star games on April 9-10 in Iowa Falls and saw the home side win the championship (read more). These events not only provide next-level opportunities for 15s players and coaches, but also pair with USA Rugby’s reintroduction of a U23 15s national championship.

Bowdoin Women's rugby camp

Allegheny, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio are sending 15s select sides to the Cincinnati Wolfhounds’ home pitch (6441 Stockton Rd., Fairfield, Ohio). On Saturday, April 23, Ohio and Michigan play at 12 p.m. ET, and then Indiana and Allegheny follow at 2 p.m. On Sunday, April 24, the 3rd place match occurs at 11 a.m. and the championship is at 1 p.m.

“We have four teams who will be competing, not all of them are fully traditional select sides – several are essentially one college team plus other players who wanted to be included,” explained Xane Gerasimo, who is the Wisconsin U23s head coach as well as all-star tournament organizer alongside Megan Flanigan. “Our hope is that once we get things rolling there will be increased interest as the pathway becomes more clear for college athletes hoping to play up.”

Ruggette rugby

Gerasimo is also a coach for the Midwest U23 Thunderbirds, the regional select side program that will represent the region at the national championship on June 25-26 in Lemont, Ill. Gerasimo will be scouting this weekend’s tournament in person and invites to the Thunderbirds selection camp will follow.

“Craig [Russell] has been incredibly helpful in making this tournament happen,” Gerasimo said of the Ohio U23 All-Star head coach and local host. “From fields to [athletic trainers], he took care of everything that is tough to do from afar. We would also like to thank Angela Smarto for helping get things rolling when it became clear that having an east/west split this year was going to make the most sense.”

Stay tuned for post-event coverage.

Saturday, April 23
12 p.m. Ohio vs. Michigan
2 p.m. Indiana vs. Allegheny

Sunday, April 24
11 a.m. 3rd place
1 p.m. Championship


Briana Allen – Robert Morris
Brooke Barnes – Kent State
Aubrey Boing – Notre Dame College
Adiah Bonham – Kent State
Kori Dawkins – Notre Dame College
Abbie Dickerson – Notre Dame College
Nicole Foss – Pitt Forge
Kaylyn Hornbeak – Kent State
Jordan Kouns – Notre Dame College
Alivia Leatherman – Notre Dame College
Sofia Mancini – West Virginia
Aviana Matteo – Notre Dame College
Delaney Mavromihalis – Kent State
Riley Moberly – Kent State
Laura Pearlman – Kent State
Raina Perciak – Notre Dame College (lead photo)
Haylee Roach-Knapik – Youngstown State
Riley Saunders – Youngstown State
Olivia Snyder – Pittsburgh
Kelly Wallenhorst – Notre Dame College
Carly Weiss – Youngstown State

Coaches: Rebecca Trapp, Hannah Henry, Kiyomi Knox


Casey Bechard
Abby Cavanaugh
Lucy Chmura
Sara Cole
Sarah Davis
Claire DeMeo
Grace Driewer
Jensen Enterman
Audrey Filonczuk
Sophia Frisbie
Molly Heath
Sydney Heim
Justine Hulbert
Tori Jones
Jo Lecharte
Kenzie Looney
Ashley Lurgin
Binnie Markowski
Kylee Richey
Katiana Rodriguez
Maddy Sanders
Syrah Starnes
Kelly Williams

Coaches: Elizabeth Peterson, Ricardo Ramirez


Madison Anttila
Madelyn Bowers
Ana Connolly
Anna Corgan
Caitlin Crittenden
Jillian Cwycyshyn
Barbara Dreyer Rentz Ribeiro
Laura Eckhoff
Riley Fish
Kathryn Gale
Mia Hedman
Anya Hedrich
Brooke Kelsey
Lauren Kuffel
Ember Larson
Gabrielle Lilly
Sarai Magallon
Kelly McCafferty
Ella McCalmont
Dhanya Narayanan
Anna Pasek
Kendall Skore
Corazon Szell
Golpari Teymourian Foroughi Abari
Gianna Torres
Emma Westerhouse
Grace Young

Coach: Jamie Frech

Sarah Adams
Sam Burke
Liesel Fenstermaker
Renee Foster
Izzi Gibbon
Amanda Jason
Allison Kossen
Emily Loede
Jenna McCloskey
Margret Parrott
Claira Schiffrik
Ellie Shafron
Bella Smith
Sarah Snider
Alina Taylor
Jayla Twitty
Emma VanAmburgh
Brittany Webb

Coach: Craig Russell

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