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New CRAA DII Playoff Bracket – Final

  • 10 Nov 2022
CRAA rugby

The College Rugby Association of America (CRAA) has released its final Women’s DII Fall 15s Championship bracket. Playoffs begin this Saturday with the Wild Card round, follow with regionals on Nov. 19-20 at Navy, and culminate on Dec. 3-4 in Matthews, N.C.

Three teams – Vassar, Colorado School of Mines, Coast Guard – head straight to Dec. 3 semifinals. The remainder of the competition is playing for that fourth semifinal spot.

That hunt begins this Saturday, Nov. 12 with the Wild Card round, which features four conference runners-up. Vermont travels to UMass Lowell, and Kutztown heads to Fairfield. But this is where it gets interesting, because the two Saturday winners do not play each other on Sunday, and only one team can advance to the next round of playoffs. So CRAA is going to review the game film from the two Nov. 12 games and select the team that advances based on the following criteria:

Qualifying Metrics & Points Awarded


Point Systems

Points scored for & against, and point differential.

4 pts = win, 2 pts = draw; 1 pt = for scoring 4 tries or more

Final possession % for match

0 pts = <49%, 1 pt = 50-59%, 2 pts = > 60%

Tackles completed/attempted

0 pts = <49%, 2 pts = 50-59%, 3 pts = > 60%

Lineouts won/lost/stolen

0 pts = <49%, 1 pt = 50-59%, 2 pts = > 60%

Scrums won/lost/stolen

0 pts = <49%, 1 pt = 50-59%, 2 pts = > 60%

Line breaks & runs

0 pts = 1-5, 1 pt = 6 – 10, 2 pts = 11-15, 3pts = > 16

“The decision was made with player welfare and club travel costs in mind,” Olivia Benzan-Daniel wrote.

Whoever is selected then travels to Navy (Annapolis, Md.) on Nov. 19-20 for the regional championships and will join Temple, Colorado Mesa State and Providence College for a double-header weekend. Those four teams will produce the final semifinalist, who will then plan for the trip to North Carolina the first weekend in December.

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  • This is simply embarrassing. We have programs that are trying to establish themselves, that need to explain their organization to their respective administrations, that need to gain support for travel (or fundraise). How do teams do this with the multiple organizations further diluting competition between programs, many of which are struggling to re-establish themselves post-Covid at Institutions that are tightening financial belts?

    Get your act(s) together! Find a way to have ONE umbrella organization. Enforce a Fall season for 15s, leaving 7s to the Spring. Develop regional structures, with regional Round of 32 match-ups at higher seeds to produce a regional Sweet 16/Elite 8 at Regional locations suitable to host the matches. Then a Final Four weekend in a location with a reasonable climate to determine a champion.

    We had a chance to do this after Covid interruption and instead we have this circus- left to an overly complicated, if not arbitrary, gauntlet to fill ONE remaining Final Four slot. It is exasperating.

    Charles Williams November 13, 2022 4:21 pm
    • I second everything you said.

      JJ November 14, 2022 1:15 am
  • 😳🙄🤪Having the Colorado teams in the CRAA will always make the playoffs logistically tough. It’s not fair to them to have to travel to the east coast every year. At the same time, having the rest of the teams having to incur the cost to travel to Colorado for playoffs is just as ludicrous. I am glad they have moved the quarter finals away from Vassar. They don’t need that advantage year in and year out!

    Jim Gaita November 12, 2022 1:27 pm
  • This bracket defies logic. It compromises player safety, adds cost at a time when the economy and budgets are under pressure, and reduces the number of weekends available for conference play. This is a step backwards in the eyes of those of us who have tried to progress the sport. Anyone who understands sports and sports competitions knows this makes zero sense. Was it too hard to have an 8 team bracket?

    Chip Auscavitch November 11, 2022 12:50 am
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