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Project Rugby Love Launches on Val Day

  • 12 Feb 2016


The first three t-shirts that will be available with the Valentine’s Day launch. More to come.


As Valentine’s Day looms, remember that there is a brand of love that trumps all: rugby love. It’s a little cheeky, nurturing, and selfless. Those are just a few of the traits that Jenny Lui and Ali Borowsky are promoting through Project Rugby Love. What started as an outlet for two professionals in the creative industry is now a merchandise-producing outfit whose proceeds will go to rugby non-profits.


Lui is a freelance writer in the advertising sphere (and an Eagle scrumhalf), and Borowsky is a graphic designer. This time last year, the former Chicago North Shore teammates were looking to exercise their creative tendencies.


“Let’s do something fun for Valentine’s Day, just to make something,” Lui spoke to the genesis of Project Rugby Love. “We created valentines, and they were pretty popular. We didn’t really think much about it, but then people started requesting t-shirts and cards [with the designs]. There isn’t a ton of well designed rugby-branded things out there. There’s ‘Give Blood, Play Rugby,’ and those types of old t-shirts.”


Lui will be circling the grounds at the LVI.

Popular demand encouraged the duo to bring their designs into physical form. They partnered with Rugby Athletic on the production and distribution side, and started working on new designs. For the first round, three new shirts will be available for Valentine’s Day: a redesigned “Tackle Like a Girl,” “You’re Rucking Fine” and “I Like You Almost as Much as Rugby.” More options are forthcoming. Shirts are $20.


“It made sense to launch around Valentine’s Day because that’s when most would pick it up and share, but we want this to be bigger,” Lui said. “We want to do this year-round, land more partnerships and donate to as many rugby non-profits as possible. But that means the project needs to do well. We want to make well designed rugby shirts all with the intent of giving back.”


You can order shirts online, or check them out in person at the Las Vegas Invitational (March 3-6), the amateur leg of the USA 7s. Merchandise will be on hand, while Lui referees and circles the grounds with Borowsky. Project Rugby Love’s website will launch shortly, so in the meantime, visit the Facebook page for current information.

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