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USA Rugby U18s Close Summer with East & West Camps

  • 04 Aug 2022
USA U18 rugby

USA Rugby held two talent confirmation and development camps for U18 players in July. The USA Women’s U18 staff, led by Women’s High Performance Pathways manager Martha Daines, oversaw 80 players across the East and West camps, introducing nearly two-thirds of attendees to the Junior National Team system.

Players were identified through the Eagle Eye Scouting Network, World Rugby-supported talent ID camps and coach nominations, and then 40 players were selected for each of the two camps. Daines and USA U18 assistant coach Sue Whitwell ran the West Camp (July 7-10, UC Santa Barbara, Calif.) with the support of coach Neil Foote (UCSB, SFGG), manager Angelina Lomu (Life West, EPA) and athletic trainer Jennese Bacon (ICEF, Lindenwood). The duo then led the East Camp (July 14-17, Mount St. Mary’s Univ., Md.) with support from coach Kate Flanagan (Nomads, Atlantis), shadow coach Ashley Allen (Play Rugby, Monmouth), manager Stacy Mancuso (Doylestown) and athletic trainer Natalie Ciccone.

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“The principles of ‘go Forward and apply pressure’ were the focus for both camps,” Daines explained. “In training sessions, we worked from the big picture – choosing when to going through, around or over the defense on attack – to the small picture of how to work in groups of three to create a line break or maximize the quality of possession in the event of a tackle.

“In defense, we addressed how to reduce the options for the attack,” the USA Women’s U18 head coach continued. “Evening sessions included discussions about different ways players might position themselves through phases to create opportunities for the team to attack and to best use their strengths on the field.”

Players then applied these principles during camp-ending, instrasquad scrimmages. Future assemblies are TBA but traditionally the next big Junior National Team event is the Winter Camp in late December. For more information on the Pathways, visit


July 7-10, UC Santa Barbara, Calif.

Libby Benitez – Fallbrook, SoCal
Emerson Callegari – Texas Nuclear Thunder, Texas
Bryn Carter – Rocky Mountain HS, Idaho
Arabella Cassidy – San Diego Mustangs, SoCal
Cassidy Dugdale – San Diego Mustangs, SoCal
Mya Dunne – Lamorinda, NorCal
Cameron Fields – St. Mary’s, NorCal
Kori Fields – St. Mary’s, NorCal
AJ Haughey – Fallbrook, SoCal
Maya Hilger – Land Park, NorCal
Sariah Ibarra – Belmont Shore, SoCal
Lavinia Ika – Maui, Hawaii
Madison Jersey – Fallbrook, SoCal
Skylar Jordan – Rhinos, SoCal (based in Mass.)
Tohuia Kaihau – SacPAL, NorCal
Erica Kissinger – North Texas Barbarians, Texas
Lina Koi – SacPAL, NorCal
Noa Lagilagi – SacPAL, NorCal
Sherron Latu – Wolverines, NorCal
Jordis Lomu – United, Utah
Melesisi Malupo – Lamorinda, NorCal
Lionala Mayorga – Majestics, Utah
Neasa McLaughlin – Morris, N.J. / Rhinos, SoCal
MarLee Neiufi – United, Utah
Cecilia Otuhiva – Bishop O’Dowd, NorCal
Tiahna Padilla – Fallbrook, SoCal
Lucy Powell – Fallbrook, SoCal
Summer Prescott – EPA Razorhawks, NorCal
Taylor Sadek – Shanghai American School Puxi, China
Venise Sanft – EPA Razorhawks, NorCal
Danica Snyder – San Clemente/Tesoro HS, SoCal
Cindy Taulava – Pleasanton, NorCal
Sa’i Togiaso – Wolverines, NorCal
Reese Torticill – San Clemente, SoCal
Keeli Tuitasi – SacPAL, NorCal
Krystal Tupou – Majestics, Utah
Lola Unga – Wolverines, NorCal
Kayleen Vea – Lamorinda, NorCal
Olivia Woods – Eagle HS, Idaho
Reece Woods – Eagle HS, Idaho

Martha Daines – coach
Susan Whitwell – coach
Neil Foote – coach
Angelina Lomu – manager
Jennese Bacon – athletic trainer


July 14-17, Mount St Mary’s Univ., Md.

Aviva Albert – Vienna, Va.
Alayshja Bable – Moon Area, Pa.
Rebecca Balladares – West Carroll, Md.
Susannah Church – Cedar Falls, Iowa
Caroline Cook – Charlotte Cardinals, N.C.
Ashley Cowdrey – Sparta-Rock, Mich.
Carrie Coyer-Westerberg – Brecksville, Ohio
Charlotte Dauser – Sparta-Rock, Mich.
Chloe de Leon – Carmel, Ind.
Valentine Detheux – Belmont HS, Mass.
Caliann Dietz – West Carroll, Md.
Sara (Akil) Dougherty – Chiefs RFC, Ill.
Madison Doyle – Doylestown, Pa.
Leila Galarza – Morris, N.J.
Annie Huettel – North Bay, Md.
Aseel Jadallah – J. Sterling Morton HS, Ill.
Elizabeth Johnston – Doylestown, Pa.
Sophia Kartchner – Vienna, Va.
Reaghan King – Doylestown, Pa.
Serayah Leech – Moon Area, Pa.
Lennox London – Charlotte Cardinals, N.C.
America Mendoza – Play Rugby USA, N.Y.
Julia Murray – Chiefs RFC, Ill.
Josephine O’Donnell – Taft HS, Ill.
Ella Orem – At Large, Mass.
Bex Pascoe – Downington, Pa.
Alexandra Peterson – Simsbury HS, Conn.
Allisa Reach – Play Rugby USA, N.Y.
Ava Reuter – Eagan, Minn.
Kacey Reynoso – Play Rugby USA, N.Y.
Hannah Roth – Norwalk, Iowa
Cambridge Surch – Wando, N.C.
Courtney Taylor – South Greenville, S.C.
Kaylen Thomas – Raptor Rugby, Tenn.
Kelsey Thomas – Raptor Rugby, Tenn.
Ashley Torres-Brown – Greenwich HS/Aspetuck, Conn.
Maggie Walker – Doylestown, Pa.
Jennie Weiner – Aspetuck, Conn.
Breauna Wertman – Knightmares, Pa.
Mary Katherine Wilmot – North Bay, Md.

Martha Daines – coach
Susan Whitwell – coach
Kate Flanagan – coach
Ashley Allen – shadow coach
Stacy Mancuso – manager
Natalie Ciccone – athletic trainer

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