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Women’s All-Stars: Day 1 Rosters x 4

  • 01 Aug 2019

All four rosters for day one of the Women’s All-Star Week are listed below. The schedule adjusted for impending bad weather:

Thursday, Aug. 1

1 p.m. MT WPL West vs. Collegiate All-Americans

3 p.m. MT WPL East vs. DI/DII Club All-Stars

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Technical difficulties have inhibited the WPL Facebook live-stream from Greeley, Colo., but the full games will post afterward. Basic score updates are posting through the WPL Twitter feed.


1. Megan Rom2. Andrea Villanova 3. Ali Gillberg4. Claire Stingley5. Chloe Jex6. Misha Green7. Chi Chi Chukwueke8. Cortney Kuehl9. Carly Waters10. Corinne Heavner11. Kelli Smith12. Shamira Robles13. Tahlia Brody14. Sarah Levy15. Kaitlyn Broughton

RESERVES16. Kathryn Treder17. Amber Chandu18. Olivia Benzen-Daniel19. Emilee Jalosuo20. Amanda Schweitzer21. Cyndi Campbell23. Rachel Lentsch


1. Adrienne Acosta2. Jeanna Beard3. Kadie Sanford4. Sam Luther5. Julia Buescher6. Rachel Ehrecke7. Tyra Norlander8. Te Awhina Ho Chee9. Shelby Lin10. Megan Foster11. Tiffany Tate12. Evan Hoese13. Juliann Tordonato14. Nichole Wanamaker15. Adriana Mendoza

RESERVES16. Kaitlyn Kasper17. Melissa Polheber Finkelstein18. Ceara Lafferty19. Kedra Davis20. Amandine Chatelier21. Rose DiBalsamo22. Kathleen Stanley23. Serena Liu


1. Lisa Jackson

2. Ashley Mackenzie (forwards cpt)

3. Nwakaego Onyekwere

4. Becca Fagan

5. Leslie Schroeder

6. Kayla Thompson

7. Ariel Johnson

8. Geraldine Thomas

9. Brianna Kim (team cpt)

10. Deanna Nash

11. Paige Stathopoulos

12. Nicole Snyder

13. Shawn Gatewood

14. Jessica Dombrowski

15. Tess Feury (backs cpt)


16. Ashley Hanson

17. Cassie Urbano

18. Amy Spafford

19. Anna Albrecht

20. Avery Rain

21. Madison Sheveland

22. Jordan Heller

23. Megan Gilmore

24. Michal Williams


1. Emily Briggs  

2. Elisha Fromstein

3. Azniv Nalbandian

4. McKenna Strong 

5. Jennifer Kronish

6. Gianna Soloman

7. Allie Schrenker

8. Siale Alatini

9. Bridget Kahele

10. McKenzie Hawkins

11. Adrienne Yoder

12. Emma Auld

13. Daisy Manoa

14. Summer Harris-Jones

15. Jetta Owens


16. Hope Cooper

17. Grace Martin

18. Veronica Overbeek

19. Sophia Nieves

20. Vanessa Somoza

21. Diana May

22. Dana Alimena

23. Katherine Ramage

24. Leah Ingold

25. Caitlin Weigel

26. Emily Roskopf

WPL WCAA #AllStars

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